ALL IN 2.0
16. Nov - 21 Dec 2023

The exhibition shows a collection of works by the artists of the Galerie Dantendorfer - Peter Baldinger, BENKA, Christian Brandtner, Kurt Hüpfner, Marianne Lang, Petra Lupe, Christine Mayr and Adrian Uncrut.

Peter Baldinger – Dissolution is the central concern in Baldinger's oeuvre, whether through square grids or making the motif unrecognizable by blurring it. He asks himself the question: How much information is necessary to recognize an image motif? Or the other way around: How much image resolution is possible so as not to completely lose the motif?

BENKA – With his art, BENKA wants to encourage viewers to question digitalization and the use of smartphones and artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. The artist is interested in the complex interaction between humans and machines and the associated opportunities and dangers.

Christian Brandtner - found objects, animal bones, modeling clay - a world in flux in which there are always new landscapes, creatures and metamorphoses to discover. The exceptional Viennese artist Christian Brandtner creates his own microcosm of opposites.

Kurt Hüpfner – painter, sculptor, draftsman, author, visionary and much more. Despite, or perhaps precisely because, he worked in secret for so long, he developed his own, powerful visual language. With this he reflects on the art historical and political developments of the 20th century.

Marianne Lang – Marianne Lang’s central medium of representation is drawing – in the broadest sense – she experiments with different techniques, materials and perspectives. The topic that always concerns her is: nature. It's not just about observing nature, but about the space between nature and people.

Petra Lupe – From canvas, paper and sewing to objects, the artist calls it “working on trial and error”. Working in series is particularly important for Lupe, because only through repeated engagement with a topic or material can she penetrate it deeper and work her way forward layer by layer.

Christine Mayr – The artist began to deal with the complexity of growing up, being a child, being a mother and simply being human in the 80s. Mayr's drawings and sculptures are sensitive, empathetic, courageous, provocative and direct all in one.

Adrian Uncrut – The topics that concern Uncrut are personal, everyday and, above all, human. His use of materials in sculpture and drawing is striking. He mixes bronze, epoxy resin, iron, stainless steel, wood, rubber, plaster and often recycled finds and shapes them into independent works.